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Step 1


First thing to keeping your Virgin Human Hair silky and beautiful is to make sure that you keep it washed. Add enough Herbal Essences shampoo to make lather. It is best to wash this hair in Luke warm water, heat can ruin the cuticle. Luke warm water also helps the Hair retain its shape.


Step 2


Rinse the shampoo out with Luke warm water. Next, you want to condition the hair. Use enough conditioner to get all the strands of hair covered. This conditioner should be left in no longer than 10 minutes.


Step 3


Rinse the conditioner out. Now that you have completed the washing and conditioning phase apply a small amount of leave in conditioner (size of a 50p coin).


Step 4


When the hair is dry you can spray oils sheen on it but refrain from using too much, use as little hair products as possible if you do use any products, they should not be kept in the hair for a long period of time.


Step 5


Comb your hair from the tips up to the roots. This will prevent your Virgin Human Hair from tangling and matting together.


Step 6


At night, you should wrap your hair. However, sleeping on it without wrapping it should be fine as well. Just do not sleep on wet hair because it will stick the hair together.